Season's Greetings from Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Dato 29 nov. 2018
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In 2018 we have celebrated our law firm’s ten-year anniversary. We opened up the doors to our new outfit on Monday 1 September 2008. Only a few weeks later, the world stopped to function as we knew it, and what is now known as the Financial Crisis began. Starting a transaction focused Danish lock-step law firm with 35 people on our payroll, with no experience in how to operate a cash-flow business, felt like landing knees first on a treadmill running 12 miles an hour. Rapidly, we had to focus our business even more, monitor costs rigorously and adopt our offering to new circumstances that changed almost on a daily basis. Looking back, it has been ten demanding but also rewarding years, professionally and personally.


Our achievements we share with our hard-working and dedicated employees; current and former alike. We appreciate and acknowledge that working in our law firm is demanding. We do, however, firmly believe that working in small versatile and coordinated teams reward our employees with unrivalled experiences and career opportunities. It is our belief that working in such a way also adds additional value and efficiency to our clients and business partners. Since our inception, our clients and business partners have trusted us with mandates and assignments, as have our colleagues from law firms across the globe. Without our employees, clients, business partners and international law firm friends, we would not have arrived at where we are today. Thank you.


In 2018 we strengthened our Capital Markets and M&A offering with the advent of Henning Aasmul-Olsen. Henning adds vast experience within Capital Markets and M&A to our firm. Over the years, Henning has advised some of the largest institutions and corporates active on the Danish market in their capital markets and corporate transactions. Henning has joined our transactions team, which in 2018 has concluded more transactions than ever before. We have represented our corporate clients and private equity clients with assignments domestically and abroad, advising on mandates ranging from jumbo public takeovers to venture capital deals. Our public M&A and private equity teams remain amongst the most experienced in the Danish market.


Looking ahead into 2019, consensus seems to be that deal volume may likely slow down. Stock markets appear sensitive and Brexit remains a significant uncertainty for everyone in Europe. The political scene is also subject to change. Voters in increasing numbers are abandoning the traditional center parties and are turning to new parties that are not easily placed in a traditional political landscape. It is difficult to predict whether such voter migration is good or bad. It does, however, appear safe to conclude that voter migration to new parties away from the political center adds at least short-term uncertainty to our democracies.


No matter how the political landscape may develop, we firmly believe that it is crucial not to forget that the period of peace and prosperity we have experienced in Western Europe since 1945 is unusual in a historical context. Taking our current living conditions in a united Europe for granted may be a grave mistake. Without lingering, we shall fight vigorously to preserve our democracies and fundamental freedom rights without losing the ability to address people with whom we disagree politically or religiously in a peaceful and respectful manner. In our opinion this is where the strengths of a true democracy and the beauty of humanity are best nurtured.


Supporting children from indigent families has become a tradition for us by donating to Børnenes Kontor, and this year is no different. We have also continued our support for Justitia, Denmark’s first independent judicial think tank, and for the AJC which is globally committed to combating the rising anti-Semitism and extremism and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of all people. We also support organizations, schools and sports clubs across Denmark as well as organizations fighting life-threatening diseases.


We look forward to developing and deepening our relationships in 2019, and we extend a deep thank you for your support during the first ten years in the life of Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen.


Happy Holidays!