Season's Greetings from Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Dato 1 dec. 2017
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Dear business associate

One of the greatest joys of this season is the opportunity to say thank you and to wish you the very best in the upcoming festive season and the New Year.

Now, 2017 has been yet another year where it has proven difficult to determine whether one’s personal opinions are radical, cynical or sensible, or radical, cynical and therefore sensible. It is challenging to develop firm opinions. Besides investing mental resources in our corporate affairs, we believe that each of us needs to prioritize finding cohesiveness not only with the ones we agree with, but also the ones we disagree with.

Turning to our firm and our business, in particular, our M&A, Private Equity and Infrastructure teams have again in 2017 been fortunate to work with clients, international law firms and other professional advisors on demanding and rewarding assignments. While we have been blessed with a good variety of small-cap and mid-cap deals, 2017 stands out as a year in which we have advised in the majority of the mega deals in the Danish market. We have been engaged in large public M&A deals and in substantial cross-border corporate spin-outs from both listed and privately held Danish and international corporations. We have also assisted our private equity clients with highly publicized exits and new acquisitions.

In 2017, we seconded our associates to domestic clients and international colleagues in both Asia and North America. Such opportunities advance our understanding of the needs and possibilities of our clients in an increasingly global and digitalized world.

The year 2017 is also the year in which we for the very first time welcome a partner having spent his entire legal career with our firm – from trainee, associate, senior associate and now partner. For the past nine years, Mattias Nielsen has been an integral part of our firm, and we are very satisfied that he has accepted to join our lock-step partnership from 1 January 2018, which will be the year in which our firm will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Mattias will continue to develop our PE/VC and start up practice along with our colleagues and our clients.

It is embedded in our firm’s culture to be considerate towards those in need. We continue to donate to Børnenes Kontor ( which supports Danish children from indigent families. We have also continued our support for Justitia (, Denmark’s first independent judicial think tank. Justitia aims to promote the rule of law and fundamental human rights and freedom rights both within Denmark and abroad. These donations are merely examples of the dedication which our firm shows to society and human beings around us. We also support local sports clubs and local schools as well as organizations promoting fundamental freedom rights or fighting life-threatening diseases.


We look forward to continuing to develop and deepen our relationships in 2018.